8th Grade Micronutrient E-Textile Shirt Project

We worked very hard on creating shirts that educate about the benefits or dangers of certain micronutrients we learned about in our Science class. These shirts are interactive and use the LilyPad Arduino, featuring lights that turn on with some kind of sensor input, such as a button, accelerometer, or light sensor.

Even the undead need calcium!
If you've got an issue with your tissue, vitamin C is the remedy.
Smile wide with fluoride. Strengthen your enamel and stay smiling with fluoride.
You don't need phosphorus for long, before all of your bones are long-lasting and strong.
Peel a banana to get some potassiYUM.
Vitamin D.
You should eat potassium. It's A O K!
Lead a lead free life.
Vitamin B12 will give you an energy boost. If you take it, your chances of an unhealthy life are reduced!
Orange you glad it has Vitamin C?
Zinc and zap the rays away!
Keep your bones strong with calcium!
Mercury Madness! Mad as a hatter!